Omnivore - Best dish of the last week

Chicken in tomatillo sauce at Eclipse di Luna

This (above) was the best thing I ate  last week — chicken cooked in a tomatillo sauce. It's a tapa-sized portion available at Eclipse di Luna. I used to eat the same dish, in a larger portion, at El Molino, my favorite Atlanta taqueria that, sadly, closed over a year ago. (I've yet to find another taqueria that prepares daily off-the-menu dishes like the cook at El Molino did.)

I lunched at Eclipse with four friends and every dish, including the cheese plate (right), was spot-on. Another dish I enjoyed for the first time was the chicken empanada.

Generally my friends and I order three dishes each here, but less gluttonous diners will be happy with two.

(Pictures by Cliff Bostock)