Omnivore - Seaweed with that dog?

Wonderful World Burgers opens in Emory Village

The Tin Drum peeps have opened Wonderful World Burgers in Emory Village  (1561 North Decatur Rd., 404-373-8887).  We sampled a few of the cafe's tasty slider-size burgers, but this hot dog with teriyaki sauce, mayo and roasted seaweed was the standout.

Everything except daily specials costs under $3. And the specials, like Wednesday's kimchi stew with hanger steak, are only $3.75.

As is usual with Tin Drum's owner, the restaurant makes musical allusions. I presume the name derives from the song made famous by Louis Armstrong. In the bathroom, I found faux graffiti quoting lyrics of "Zero Landmine," the EP by (incredible) Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto. It's probably best known to Americans for Cyndi Lauper's participation.

More in "Grazing" later this week.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)