Omnivore - Lunch at Abattoir

Rabbit on ciabatta, housemade-bratwurst, rabbit terrine

I had a uniquely terrific lunch todat at Abattoir with my friends Brad and Frank. The restaurant has a charmingly rickety ambiance during the day that does not really come through in the low lighting at night. The lunchtime menu is the same as the evening one (and both change somewhat every day). That doesn't mean prices are high. We ate very well for little more than $15 each.

The standout today was this special — a sandwich of rabbit loin on ciabatta with Asian slaw and fries on the side. It was a huge portion (for $10) and, believe me, when Brad complains that a portion is too large, it's huge.

The restaurant was offering three terrines today — pork, pig's foot and this rabbit one that Frank chose to eat alongside his hamburger. You can sample all three terrines for $15, and that's what I'll most definitely do during my next visit.

My own choice today was an order of amazingly creamy fried chicken livers and a housemade bratwurst with some onions grilled with a bit of stone-ground mustard.

Lunch here could become quickly addictive.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)