Omnivore - Antico adds seating, opens for lunch

New pizzeria on Hemphill Ave.

Antico Pizza Napoletana is now open for lunch and has installed seating at its large communal table. Jennifer Zyman has the restaurant's announcement on her Blissful Glutton blog.

As it happens, Wayne and I visited the pizzeria again Saturday night and took a seat at the table with five Georgia Tech students who were in obvious awe as we plowed our way through two pizzas, leaving only four slices to take home. Wayne ordered the marinara with white anchovies and I got the pie with sopressata and fiery pepperonata.

The pies, I'm sorry to say, were so soft and floppy they were almost impossible to eat without a fork and knife. Pizzaiolo Enrico Liberato said the sudden cold and rainy weather had played havoc with his dough. Interestingly, the leftover slices actually re-heated quite well on a cookie sheet in a 300-degree oven.