Omnivore - 'Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe': WTF?

Bourdain has a new TV series on the way in 2010

I guess, although Tony always seemed like the kind of guy to just say what he's thinking. That's one of the best things about his award-winning Travel Channel show "No Reservations." That and the look on his face when he's gotta eat another poop shoot.

But we ask because Anthony Bourdain has a new TV series on the way in 2010, which promises a presumably elusive look into the celeb chef's mind. The show's animated and it looks ... kinda bad. For "Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe" the well-traveled chef's animated doppelganger is some sort of too-cool-for-school, brain-eating (see Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray) Dr. Evil type. Sure, the real life Tony is also a too-cool-for-school, brain-eating Dr. Evil type, but the brief Travel Channel teaser makes cartoon Tony look like a bratty, image-obsessed Frankenstein. I prefer the weathered human curmudgeon to the salty, well-coiffed drawing. The teaser's porn-y music doesn't help either.