Omnivore - Ghosts emptying your fridge? Call Atlanta Cuisine's ghostbusters

The popular culinary website is undertaking video investigations

Atlanta Cuisine is about to take off in some new, pleasingly wacky directions, according to owner Tom Maicon, who sent me the following (edited) email:

In just about 21 days the Atlanta Cuisine website is going to change dramatically in look and feel.  The forum will remain, as it is on someone else's server (Ninja Post) and they maintain it.

We are moving more towards video — AC Television, which will air 21- and 42-minute segments of crazy investigative restaurant/bar stuff,  including paranormal investigations with real-life local ghost hunters armed with all the necessary equipment....

I just hired the production and camera folks in the last 48 hours and we plan to start shooting in the next 10 to 14 days.  The weekly show will be restaurant/bar oriented but with an investigative angle. Examples include paranormal investigations;  solving mysteries (such as identifying the "gel" that is in an Arby's roast beef sandwich); a beer documentary covering 15 Southern breweries in five days with a bunch of beer fanatics on an old school bus, pouring beer from two custom-built kegorators; and all sorts of other show ideas I can't yet mention.

There was no mention of the fate of the site's monthly tabloid publication.