Omnivore - El Toro opens in Grant Park

Yet another Tex-Mex restaurant

The new El Toro on  Memorial Drive in Grant Park, my neighborhood,  has opened. It's located in the building that was occupied by the much-missed Redfish. I presume it is serving the usual Tex-Mex cooking that appeals to many gringos.

Grant Park was home to several completely authentic taquerias just a few years ago, including a couple of hole-in-the-wall joints and the more  gringo-friendly Zocalo. The only really authentic Mexican restaurant left is the rather mediocre Mi Barrio, also on Memorial Drive, near Boulevard. And just west of that   on Memorial, at Cherokee is the fun Tin Lizzy's Cantina, also serving mainly Tex-Mex border cuisine.

Meanwhile, Pure Taqueria has opened a few miles away in Inman Park.