Omnivore - Dirty South Wine's Popeyes wine pairing challenge!

Check out my pick for Dirty South Wine's 11/18 Popeyes wine pairing challenge.

A few weeks back, Hardy Wallace (AKA Dirty South Wine) asked me to participate in his Popeyes challenge. The task? Find a wine to pair with Popeye's spicy fried chicken. On November 18, around the country, folks will get together to try all five wines along with the chicken, and tweet, blog and smack-talk their way to deciding which wine chosen pairs best with the spicy bird.

This was NOT an easy pairing. The spice on Popeye's spicy chicken is such that it decimates most wines, leaving nothing but alcohol or off-notes on the palate. But with the help of some friends, I burned through over 30 bottles to find the wine. (Special thanks to Aria's Andres Loaiza who lent his palate and a bunch of bottles to the final tasting. Unfortunately Cliff doesn't drink, so I couldn't put his Popeyes expertize to use.) My pick?

Kiralyudvar Tokaji Sec 2005-  Dry Hungarian Furmint

Check out the other picks and rules to the game on Hardy's blog, and join in on November 18!

(Photo courtesy of CapedWonder.com)