Omnivore - Geneva Francais dies

Owner-chef of the African Brown Bag was one of the city's true characters

I'm sorry to report the bad news that Geneva Francais died Sunday. I have no details, but received an email from a family member, who was short on details himself. He did say that she had suffered two earlier strokes.

Geneva was one of our city's true culinary characters. Her restaurant, the African Brown Bag, was among my top favorites during the '90s. She started business in Little Five Points, preparing a blend of African-French cooking that attracted foodies from all over the city. Later, she moved the restaurant to Ford Factory Square, but it did not last long. I can't think of another restaurant as eccentrically appealing as the Brown Bag was.

I'll furnish more details as I receive them. In the meantime, I extend my condolences to her family, especially her daughter Hillary, who usually helped Geneva at the restaurant.