Omnivore - Doug Strickland comments on sale of Eno

Zaza Pachulia buys the wine-centric Midtown favorite

Doug Strickland, owner of Eno, sent out this email today, annnouncing the sale of his restaurant and neighboring market:

Eno was born from the passionate pursuit of a life dream.

As most of you know, we sold Eno and Barrelman to Zaza Pachulia, the center for the Atlanta Hawks.

Living a life dream and having passion in what you do brings many rewards. It allows you to work endlessly and intensely without ever feeling like it is work; in our business, it provides a constant medium for giving to the community; thirdly, it allows you to form many great relationships. I think it is the relationships that I have been able to build that mean the most to me. I am truly blessed.

Some of our regulars and friends in the trade, have asked me to send out a note about what is going on, what's next for Eno and what's next for Doug Strickland. This warms my heart greatly. I would love to stay in touch. Thank you.

At Eno, Zaza and his team have expressed a real appreciation for the concept and while there will be tweaks, as I understand it, he does not plan to change much, at least not for now.

As for me, ironically, the sale of Eno has allowed me to more actively pursue my passion for food and wine, stir creative juices and spend more time with my family.

While exploring longer term opportunities on the beverage supply side, I am consulting private collectors, restaurants and hotels in wine and general beverage program management.

If I can be of help or should an opportunity arise that you know about please think of me.

Thank you for helping me live my dream.