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Christiane Lauterbach's newsletter still leads the critical pack

It's that time again — time to subscribe to Knife and Fork. Christiane Lauterbach, one of the dining critics at Atlanta magazine, has published this monthly newsletter for 27 years and I still regard it as the best dining resource in town.

Unfortunately, Christiane is not interested in the Internet, so to read the newsletter you have no choice but to subscribe. Cost is $26 annually and you can order gift subscriptions for $24 or $22, depending on the number you buy. Call 404-378-2775 for more information.

The latest issue includes positive (2.5-star) reviews of Antico Pizza Napoleatana, Grindhouse Killer Burgers and Leon's Full Service. There are also first impressions of Bocado (positive) and Iberian Pig (kinda positive). Her "find of the month" is Alosta Bakery and the "traveler's corner" tours Minneapolis. There's plenty of gossip and off-the-cuff comment too, like this:

TREND WATCH: Veal breast is the new pork belly. Unctuous, easily caramelized, and of special interest to chefs squeezed by the economy, this inexpensive cut showed up on our plate twice in one week, properly boned, trimmed, and served in a neat square.