Omnivore - Skip the fries and have tofu chips

FuzeBurger in Midtown features cross-cultural burgers

It's not as weird as the Krispy Kreme burger below, but here's a novelty at FuzeBurger, another new burger joint. This one's next to the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon Avenue, but it isn't featuring the iconic donuts in any of its burgers. (In fact, the restaurant doesn't offer any desserts at all, weirdly enough.)

The dish above is a starter of fried tofu chips with Thai plum sauce. They're kind of crispy but melt in the mouth instantly.

Fuze is owned by the same people who owned a Thai restaurant at the same location. Like its predecessor, Fuze has a terrific interior design. Its walls are red and a central focal detail is a long, serpentine, white paper lantern. Its shape is replicated in splashes of white paint on the red walls.

I assume the name, Fuze, is meant to imply "fusion," and the burgers do indeed have elements of other cultures, from Malaysian to Korean.

More in "Grazing" later this week.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)