Grazing: First Look at Community Q

Plus, a visit to the new Vesuvius

Today's your lucky day. I'm inviting you to invest in the development and marketing of a new bottled product that will revolutionize cooking. I call it "Bark 'n' Char."

If you're a foodie, both these words have entered your vocabulary with a vengeance in recent months. "Char" specifically refers to the blackened patches on pizza crust, while "bark" is the (nearly) black surface that develops when meat is rubbed with spices and smoked for a lengthy period in a barbecue oven.

My new product will allow home cooks to simply paint on the delicious appearance of char and bark without all the fuss of high heat and lengthy cooking.

The latest restaurants to evoke the language of char and bark are Pizzeria Vesuvius (327 Edgewood Ave., 404-343-4404) and Community Q (1361 Clairmont Road, 404-633-2080). I've visited both twice during their first week or two of operation. Both were still ironing out kinks, but both also showed great promise. Char and bark forever!

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(Photo by James Camp)