Omnivore - Wednesday food links May 21 2008

Featuring the reservations debate, ways to cook and eat better, improving school lunches, a dash of politics and a peculiar theft in California.

Another pupu platter of food news just for you!

Eater spells out food words from the 2010 national spelling bee. Who knew "stomach growling" had an actual name? (Borborygmus) As a former spelling bee champion (well, okay, just for Kittredge Magnet School, and just in 2000), I'm always happy to see spelling bees get love. It's a dying art.

10 ways to get kids to eat more vegetables via author Maria Rodale include planting gardens, adding a dab of organic butter and roasting, but not "bribery" or the classic "no thank you serving."

Tangentially related: food blogger Darya Pino explores 10 reasons you hate to cook and what to do about it. Some pointers: choose less complex recipes, invest in nicer knives, visit farmers' markets to find good in-season ingredients and stock your pantry (she has a guide to that too). Then you're on your way to being a regular Julia Child!

Consumer Reports (check out Stephen Colbert's hilarious segment where he goes to CR headquarters and testing areas) tested a selection of wines under $10 and gave the top rating to...a wine from 7/11. Gee, too bad there aren't any in Atlanta.