Omnivore - Paula's jewelry missing, 106 Coke flavors, macaron fever, Caramba Cafe closing

Food news

Indyposted.com observes that Paula Deen has had a rough time in the last year. She was, as every Atlantan knows, smacked in the face with a ham during a Thanksgiving event here.

Now it turns out that her maid allegedly stole $10,000 worth of jewelry from her and her husband. The maid has been arrested but there’s no report whether any of the baubles, bangles and beads have been recovered….

Yet another website has profiled Atlanta’s “underground” eating and drinking scene. As usual, the Varsity and the Clermont Lounge are sited for their oh-so-totally-outrageous appeal. Others mentioned are Fellini’s Pizza and the 10 High karaoke night with live music Mondays and Fridays at the Dark Horse Tavern….

Moe's to feature 106 drink flavors

The Atlanta Business Chronicle is reporting that Moe’s Southwest Grill will soon be testing the Coca Cola Freestyle, a fountain that permits users to customize 106 flavors. “This is the Ipod of the soda machine,” a spokesman said….

Speaking of Moe’s, get ready for the Burrito Wars. What do people like most — Chipotle or Moe’s? Apparently, it’s Chipotle by a narrow margin. The best thing about this story is learning that Chipotle will make quesadillas when asked, even though they aren’t on the menu….

Local food blogger Angie Dudley of Bakerella.com is interviewed for an article in the Seattle Times about macarons (or “macaroons”), which are threatening to displace the cupcake as the pastry favorite du jour…..

From Whatnow.com

WhatNowAtlanta.com is reporting that after 22 years, Caramba Café is closing because it could not negotiate an acceptable lease on its Morningside address. The restaurant’s owner is scouting locations to reopen elsewhere.

WhatNow also reports that Harlem Bar on Edgewood Avenue has closed and that Waterhaven in Technology Square has a sign on the door saying that it is closed for renovations.

It also reports that Creole Nouvelle Cajun Kitchen at 123 Luckie St. is expanding operations to a nearby site at 107 Luckie St. The present location will be used for take-out lunch and catering, while the new site will be for the dine-in crowd. WhatNow questions the wisdom of this.