Omnivore - Monday food links: Pour one out for Jimmy Dean

More fun than Farmville: a trip to the linkfarm yields food and drink stories of all kinds from all over the world.

The AP has a pretty straightforward report on the death of sausage king and country singer Jimmy Dean, but Gawker takes it one stomach-churning step further by highlighting the grossest Jimmy Dean meals. (Extra credit: enjoy the times "pancakes and sausage on a stick" have been on The Daily Show.)

Fire! AP reports that Albert Trummer, who runs the bar at Apotheke in New York City, has been arrested after performing a flaming stunt at his bar. The police may have been tipped off by the stunt appearing on The Real Housewives of New York. Oops. (Flaming Homer, anyone?)

Again from the AP: Peanut ban on airplanes possible—it could hurt the peanut industry in Georgia, already aching from the salmonella outbreak at the Peanut Corporation in Blakely last year. On the other hand, some people are deathly allergic to even the mere dust of a peanut, and people dying at 30,000 feet is no fun either. So this is a tough little nut to crack (groan).

DC's Hello Cupcake hosted a DC-themed cupcake designing contest. Here is a slideshow of the competitors. My favorites: the DC Metro map (makes Marta look pitiful by comparison), Nom Obama (because I'm a sucker for lolcats-speak), Snowpocalypse and Panda. Hey, Atlanta should have a similar competition!