Omnivore - Wednesday food links: The sweet and the not-so-sweet May 12 2008

Check out stories about extravagant dishes, custom chocolate, Japanese snacks, Andrew Zimmern's eating habits and the pretend products you see on the big and small screen-plus even more!

Are we in a recession or what? Not according to these mega-expensive versions of dishes like bagels, sundaes and hot dogs, as seen on Huffington Post. Fun fact: the restaurant with the $69 hot dog already has a particular customer in mind. Cher.

TreeHugger reports on a Wisconsin school district where they changed the lunch menus and discovered a jump in positive behavior (like not carrying weapons, not fighting, and paying more attention) by doing so. Hmm...

Term Life Insurance wants you to stop drinking bottled water and made a big infographic featuring facts to hopefully encourage that.

Cookbooks are always fun. Check out 18 from celebrities who are not famous for cooking. I think the Ted Nugent one is the most up-front about exactly how the ingredients are sourced.