Omnivore - Thursday mole at Bone Garden Cantina

Duck enchiladas for lunch


  • Besha Rodell

I stopped by Bone Garden Cantina (1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. 404-408-9072) for lunch yesterday, and found that half the city had decided to do the same. The place was packed. But luckily, my coworkers and I were able to snap up the last table.
Along with the regular menu, we were presented with a daily specials menu, and although I had planned to have one taco and maybe a healthy side, I was unable to resist the special of the day: duck enchiladas with mole sauce.
The duck itself was fine - the meat was moist, but could have been moister, and there was a bit of gristle in a couple of bites. But the mole was fantastic - dark, rich, with just enough heat and depth to create that amazing, multilayered intrigue that made us mole lovers in the first place. With a side of rice and re-fried black beans, I'm happy to say I cleaned my plate.