Omnivore - Jake's honey-fig ice cream is available

Check it out at the Irwin Street Market

Image I wondered in a post a few days ago if Jake Rothschild had begun making the honey-fig ice cream I've craved relentlessly every summer for years. I wrote Jake and it literally turned out he was making his first batch that day.

So I rushed to the Irwin Street Market the following day and sampled the ice cream he makes with Brown Turkey figs he first marinates in fresh limes and Cabernet Sauvignon. It was as flawless as I remembered.

Jake makes the ice cream with figs picked from trees at his home in College Park, where he recently installed two chickens.

The Irwin Street Market is something of a marvel itself. Besides housing Jake's Ice Cream, it is home to more than 20 food vendors who use the USDA-approved community kitchen. The King of Pops, whose paletas (Mexican popsicles) have garnered national attention, is among the vendors using the kitchen and selling on the premises. There are two restaurant counters and lots more. I'll be featuring the market in an upcoming "Grazing" column.

(Photo of Jake Rothschild by Cliff Bostock)