Omnivore - Monday food links: Things on sticks

This links roundup has some of everything related to food-funny things, weird things, gross things, faddy things.

Top Chef is doing a "Just Desserts" spinoff (so the unwritten rule of 'make a dessert and get sent home' will not apply?) and it has contestants and an airdate! Atlanta is represented by contestant Heather Hurlbert, who was born in South Korea but adopted and naturalized here as a child. She works at the Cherokee Town and Country Club. (Also, Zap2it's Hanh Nguyen got a chance to try some of the Just Desserts works and liked them.)

This video is hilarious: every "ingredient reveal" on Iron Chef America, delivered with signature extreme emotion by the chairman.

Bon Appetit interviews a woman who is a food stylist. She talks about her work on Eat Pray Love mostly but also says that actors often have to eat the same bite of food over and over again for different takes. What a life!

Sometimes things come in weird flavors. Take for example this slideshow of strange Pringles varieties. I love the ones named after places—what on Earth could they taste like?!