Omnivore - Food links 8-3: Michelle Obama's op-ed, and pathological pizza eaters

Cool stuff from around the web

Atlanta Magazine reports that Kevin Gillespie's new establishment will focus on barbecue and ice cream, but he does not have a location yet.

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an op-ed from FLOTUS Michelle Obama about the "food bill we need," a hot button health issue that Ms. Obama champions.

Last night, the Travel Channel aired a very special episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, a compilations of clips from "where it all began" in which Bourdain's hair is more pepper than salt. Eater issues its weekly break down of the chef's one liners.

Scott Wiener's "Scott's Pizza Tours" take tourists for tastes of great New York slices, but Asylum's "Space Invaders" checked out Wiener's home to see just how far his pizza obsession goes—it's "damn near pathological."

And Saveur has a slideshow of fattening fair foods.