Omnivore - Wednesday food links: The crazy sandwich race September 04 2008

Denny's ups the ante, vending machines go futuristic, a guy on Fox News really hates Pop-Tarts and cats eat pizza.

Wanna lose your appetite for lunch (or dinner, or brinner, or whatever meal is next)? Check out CBS News' slideshow of things the government allows small amounts of in food. Maybe sometimes ignorance truly is bliss...

Denny's drops another contender into the Crazy Sandwich Race with the fried cheese melt sandwich. Those four globs in the photo there? Fried mozzarella sticks.

MyFoxNY reports on vending machines of the future, which will use biometrics to let consumers pay with their thumbprints or retina scans. The machines also have fancy flatscreen displays instead of the old-school glass window.

Eater rounds up reviews of the Pop-Tarts World installation in Times Square. Shepard Smith really doesn't like Pop-Tarts, apparently.