Omnivore - Monday food links: All manner of cool (and hot) treats

Enjoy prison-grade carrot cake, red velvet fried chicken, Blue Moons taken from an airplane, beer popsicles, Pop-Tarts used in new ways, hot soup on a hot day and pets eating peanut butter. Oh, that's not all, either...

The New York Times reports on the bakery at Rikers Island. Prisoners make treats like very popular carrot cake, bread and sheet cakes. Also, one of the prisoners interviewed is named Larry King, which must make for a lot of unfortunate confusion. The article even has the recipe for the popular carrot cake, although it calls for 25 pounds of sugar and flour.

Hard times for the Jersey Shore cast: not even a topless The Situation could draw people in to the gelato shop where they work, wherein Snooki was unable to see customers until she stood on a stool.

At Serious Eats, someone who went to one of the pop-up restaurants on Food Network's 24 Hour Restaurant Battle explains how it all works...or doesn't work.

Marriage made in heaven or unholy matrimony? You decide with the red velvet fried chicken, about to debut at a San Francisco restaurant. I await some enterprising chef in the actual Southeast to try out this obviously-Southern combo.