Omnivore - Wednesday food links: Food truck nation May 17 2012

Once more with feeling, a link roundup featuring a little of everything: food truck mania, prizewinning Atlanta restaurants, futuristic food, our women and men in uniform, food-related freakouts, Zagat surveys and an ice cream-serving robot.

Point of personal privilege: It's my last day as a Food&Drink intern today. I've had an amazing summer and it's been fantastic interning here. So long and thanks for all the fish (I had to)! Before I go, one last "linkfarm" post...

"Pinhead Jones," a psuedonym for the ages, is going an entire month eating out of food trucks in New York City. "Street meat" vendors don't count. The writer lists their starting weight, too. Ooh, it's like Super Size Me!

Speaking of food trucks, our nation's capital is having its own issues with them. Restaurants are jealous of the business food trucks get, so there are plans floating to assign certain areas for food trucks only. This Washingtonian article calls it an "outdoor food court." Euphemisms!

But DC might be on to something. Finding a primo spot to sell food can sometimes lead to violence, as it did between these ice cream vendors in New York City.

Georgia boy Alton Brown picked lists of America's Best for sweets, comfort foods, regional classics and destinations. Watershed's Tuesday-only offering won for best fried chicken and Holeman and Finch won best late-night burger. Not bad!

Another Atlanta restaurant took home a prize: Miller Union was named one of the 10 best new restaurants in America by Bon Appetit.