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Announcing the 'James Weird Awards'

Image If you're a foodie fan of Creative Loafing's "Blotter," you're gonna love the new "James Weird Awards," a weekly compendium of strange food-related crimes on the Grub Street New York website. Following are a couple crimes from the column's first edition. (Hat tip, Celeste Kenney.)

• A 21-year-old man dressed in a child-size banana costume was arrested in Port Angeles, Washington, after allegedly exposing himself to an employee at a local Wendy’s. When police arrived on the scene, the banana man was already in his car but exited with a shotgun in his hand and started yelling “something or other about white supremacy,” according to police.

• Buffalo police arrested a man after hearing a cat meowing from the trunk of the man’s car during a traffic stop. They discovered the unfortunate feline “marinating” in oil and chile peppers within a cage. The cat was cleaned up and taken in by the local SPCA.