Omnivore - Two great chefs

Lunch at Taqueria del Sol


Naturally, I sped to Taqueria del Sol on Cheshire Bridge today to get a taste of the season's first Hatch green chiles. Chef Eddie Hernandez (right) whipped me up a ginormous and delicious chile relleno as an example of what's to come in the next few weeks. I also sampled the cheeseburger-Hatch chile taco.

I ran into Paul Luna (left), chef-owner of Lunacy Black Market, during lunch. Paul plans to run for mayor. Yes, really. Meanwhile, he is battling City Hall over the terrible situation created by the decision to put a meter at every street parking space in town, with a subcontracted company enforcing the system 24 hours a day. Check out Paul's website blog for more information. Here's his most recent post on the issue.