Omnivore - Dinner at Empire State South

Make a reservation!


  • Cliff Bostock

I had dinner at Empire State South Thursday night. I've got some advice: make a reservation. Although the lunch crowd was fairly sparse when I visited a few days earlier, the place was slammed Thursday night.

A second piece of advice: carry money. Dinner for three of us was $180, including the tip, two glasses of wine, two apps, three entrees and one dessert. I'm not saying the meal wasn't worth it, but I'm warning you that this is not the price of your usual meat-and-two.

Above is my dinner entree, grilled quail with figs, arugula and Madeira. My two sides included succotash and grits. Great flavors. One complaint: I got literally about two tablespoons of succotash while Wayne, who ordered swordfish, received nearly a full plate.