Omnivore - This is an outrage!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

How can 24 mouths be so wrong?:

Last week we announced that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was taking on the Colonel in a taste test that pitted Louisiana cookin' against Kentucky's finest fried fowl.

This past Monday, Popeyes said that it beat KFC Original Recipe in a national taste test. Well, we just couldn't resist conducting our own.

With over 60 pieces of chicken breasts (we compared only white meat) lining the counters in the AOL kitchen, we asked the office to join us for our own taste test.

See if our co-workers agreed — is Popeyes fried chicken better than KFC?

Based on appearances, it looked like Popeyes had a shot at winning the title — the skin was noticeably more crispy and crunchy and the pieces of chicken were meatier. However, our testers felt differently when it came to the taste. While a crunchy crust is important, it's all about the flavor of the meat and spices used in flavoring the crust.

Final Count: KFC 24 vs. Popeyes 9