Omnivore - Paul Luna hits city up for parking info

But the city ignores him

Speaking of parking (see my post from Sunday), I received this email from Paul Luna of Lunacy Black Market today:

What is news? What is illegal? What is injustice? Three weeks ago I requested "Public Records" from the City of Atlanta. As many of you know, the city is required by Sunshine Laws to furnish public information within three days. I still have not received the information I requested, nor have I received communication from anyone in the city that attempts are being made to obtain the information for me.

What did I ask for?

1) The number of parking citations issued and the revenues on these citations made in year 2006-2007.
2) Public records on the other bidders and their bid submission to try to win the parking contract with the city.
3) The hourly wage of ParkAtlanta employees and if their employment contract includes incentive pay.

Why are there no parking meters installed in Buckhead as the map indicates? Why is Buckhead an exception?