Omnivore - Who wants to serve a man his last meal?

A reader hopes to find someone to cook his final real meal.

I got a heartbreaking email this morning, from a man who is living out his final week of eating. On Friday morning he's having surgery that will, for various reasons, prohibit him from ever eating solid food again.

He says, "I'm a born foodie, I love food, I love cooking it, serving it, I love seeing others enjoy it." He's 30 years old.

He wrote to me for advice on where to go for his final meal on Thursday night. But I think whoever cooks this meal ought to know about it and want to do it.

This guy is not looking for a freebie. He also wants to protect his privacy, so this isn't a publicity opportunity for whatever restaurant ends up doing it.

Anyone? If you're interested in cooking a food lover his last real meal, send me an email (besha.rodell@creativeloafing.com) and I'll put you in touch.