24:' Episode 15, 10-11 p.m. (1)

Jack breaks own rules; Tony flabbergasted.

We left off last week down one U.S. senator, one paid assassin, and a whole lotta Jack's cred. This week, Larry Moss was on site at Sen. Mayer’s house, "investigating" the politico's murder and playing effortlessly into the bad guys' hands. Moss truly is this season's answer to the blindly bureaucratic impediment to progress (formerly held by such brown-nosers as Miles Papazian (Stephen Spinella) in previous seasons). Jack brings Tony up to speed on evildoers and bio-weapons and whatnot via cell, while Moss unleashes the sass on Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin, telling him he advised against allowing Jack to interrogate Burnett a second time. Ethan takes a second, takes a seat and takes his resignation to President Taylor. As Ethan justifies his resignation to the president, he explains his complicity in Bauer's alleged killing spree. The president responds with, "It doesn't make any sense!"

Hello??!!! Anyone listening? At least one of season seven's one-dimensional characters was drawn with a slightly thicker Sharpie. Does this mean that they call off the hounds? Not so much.