'24:' Episodes 3-4, 6-8 p.m.: Don't tase me bro! (1)

The amount of satisfaction viewers derive from each episode of "24" is directly related to its level of violence. This doesn't mean we're bad people, it just means we recognize the value in a little pen-to-the-neck every now and then to keep a story moving. We're four hours in to Day 8, and averaging about 3.5 deaths an episode, so not bad. Plus, that doesn't even count tasers and basement brawls!

The 5-6 p.m. hour ended with cop/family man Jim Koernig telling Davros to "just do what you gotta do and leave us alone." That's "24"-speak for kill 'em so they don't rat you out." So when Jack shows up at the Koernigs to follow up on Chloe's lead, it wasn't really a surprise to see the couple murdered at their dining room table. As Jack cases the house looking for Davros, who's already left to fill Jim's spot on U.N. security detail, a pair of cops show up. Jack's efforts to explain his mission to officer Lu are cut short by a taser sneak attack from officer Mazoni. Mazoni's as liberal with the taser as you'd expect a cop named Mazoni working in Queens to be. The pair drags an unconscious Jack to the basement, where Mazoni proceeds to give him the business for being a cop killer. Mazoni sends Lu upstairs to timeout after he protests the beatdown. Left alone with Mazoni, Jack takes the opportunity to go all Hulk on his ass. (JACK SMASH!!!!)