Hollywood Product: Battle for Terra (1)

GENRE: CGI sci-fi adventure

THE PITCH: Evan Rachel Wood voices Mala, a spunky, tech-savvy teenager on Terra, a planet of legless, floating tadpole-people. When the remnants of humanity come to colonize her world — with extreme prejudice — can she and shipwrecked soldier Jim Stanton (Luke Wilson) convince their respective races to give peace a chance?

MONEY SHOTS: The 3-D enhances some neat-o shots of gravity-defying alien flora and fauna, as well as the Da Vinci-esque flying machines Mala and her pal Senn (Justin Long) use to go joyriding. After the ecological destruction of Earth, humanity lives on an intricate, gyroscopic space ark falling into catastrophic disrepair. Some creepy, "X-Files"-style images when the humans experiment on the harmless aliens.

BEST LINE: "It's a miracle! They are gods! Take me!" the aliens exclaim when human scoutships invade, as if they're watching the Rapture. The script broaches the notion that the alien government keeps them in a superstitious, pre-industrial state of naiveté, but doesn't run with the idea.

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(Photo courtesy Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate)