Hollywood Product: The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (1)

GENRE: High-testosterone hostage drama remake

THE PITCH: A subway dispatcher under an ethics investigation (Denzel Washington) becomes an unexpected hostage negotiator when four heavily armed jerks (led by John Travolta) hijack an NYC subway car.

MONEY SHOTS: The giant computer map of all New York’s subway lines and cars in motion always looks cool. Two high-impact car crashes feature flips and other collateral damage during a race to deliver the money. Director Tony Scott frequently uses hilariously showy computer-enhanced satellite-to-street-level shots. I kind of like the dramatic moment when the Pelham 1 2 3 subway car blows past the platform used as a police base.

MONEY SOUNDS: MARTA riders and other subway commuters will have flashbacks whenever they hear that high-pitched, train-getting-up-to-speed noise.

BEST LINE: “I’m not running for re-election, I’m not running for president and I left my Rudy Giuliani suit at home,” declares James Gandolfini as New York’s mayor when he turns down a chance to step into the spotlight.

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(Photo courtesy 2009 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.)