Hollywood Product: Funny People (1)

GENRE: Bittersweet bromance

THE PITCH: Stand-up comic-turned-movie megastar George Simmons (Adam Sandler as a fictionalized version of himself) mentors aspiring comedian Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) after being diagnosed with a rare disease. Will George’s self-assessment inspire him to reconnect with his former fiancée Laura (Leslie Mann)?

MONEY SHOTS: The film’s best jokes are George’s horrible-looking fake movie hits such as the Splash-like Merman and the magic baby comedy Re-Do. Ira blubbers hilariously while meeting George at a diner. Laura proves to be a terrible liar at a dinner with George and her husband Clarke (Eric Bana). Clarke chases George around a yard when tempers fray.

BEST LINE: “She’s mousy — like a mouse you want to stick your dick in,” remarks Ira’s roommate Leo (Jonah Hill). The film’s comedians joke about almost nothing but genitalia, which indicates their emotional immaturity.

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(Image by Tracy Bennett/© 2009 Universal Studios)