Hollywood Product: Jennifer's Body (1)


GENRE: Horrors at high school

THE PITCH: A hot, slightly bitchy high schooler (Megan Fox) turns into a hotter, bitchier, boy-eating cannibal when a satanic ceremony goes wrong. A mousy teen nicknamed “Needy” (Mamma Mia!’s Amanda Seyfried) tries to stop her former BFF in the sophomore script from Diablo Cody, Oscar-winner for Juno.

MONEY SHOTS: Jennifer’s big grin with bloodstained face and teeth when she returns from a fateful date. Jennifer’s nude swim across a lake. The crosscutting between Jennifer’s evil seduction and Needy’s awkward but tender deflowering with her nice-guy boyfriend (Johnny Simmons), which subverts the horror flick cliché that heroes have to be virgins. A lengthy girl-on-girl kiss in extreme close-up. (Hey, I’m not made of stone.)

BEST DIABLO CODY-ISM: “He listens to maggot rock and wears eyeliner. My dick is bigger than his,” Jennifer says of a goth classmate. I wonder if Cody coined the term “manscara.”

WORST DIABLO CODY-ISM: There are so many. Jennifer and Needy greet each other with lines such as, “What’s up, Vagisil?” Needy’s mother (Amy Sedaris) says, “I’m a hard-ass, Ford tough mama bear.” Needy’s boyfriend remarks, “Those jeans are hella low. I can almost see your front butt.”

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