Hollywood Product: She's Out of My League (1)

Rom-com à la Judd Apatow scores big laughs

GENRE: À la Judd Apatow

THE PITCH: Gangly, mumbly TSA agent and aspiring pilot Kirk (Jay Baruchel) leads a humiliating life as a "hard 5." He's the family punching bag – literally and figuratively. His ex-girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), even lives at his parents' house with her new boyfriend, Ron (Hayes MacArthur). When "perfect 10" Molly (Alice Eve) shows an interest in Kirk, his band of airport-working brothers try to help him seal the deal. Sounds pat, but it's actually funny.

MONEY SHOTS: Kirk, Stainer (T.J. Miller), Jack (Mike Vogel), and Devon (Nate Torrence) ride around in circles on the baggage claim belt. Kirk's brother Dylan (Kyle Bornheimer) pegs him with a ball from the pool. Kirk and Dylan play a game called Slapshot Regatta in the basement. An especially revealing dude-on-dude pre-date male grooming session.

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(Photo by Darren Michaels)