Omnivore - Um, we think Shaun's is closed. Like right now.

Shaun's was supposed to close Dec. 18. But it might be December already.

Image UPDATE: Shaun's is no more.

As you might recall, we reported last week that beloved Inman Park bistro Shaun's was planning to close on Dec. 18.

Is it December already? No? That's weird, because it appears Shaun's is closed today.

The doors are locked and lights are off and there's no sign or anything now a sign letting people know that this is the end.

In an interview posted yesterday on Atlanta Magazine's Covered Dish blog, Chef Shaun Doty expanded on his earlier claim that what Atlanta needs right now are more affordable dining options, like his more modestly priced Yeah! Burger:

"Based upon some serious market research, I believe there is a substantial, unmet need for fast-casual, modern, chef-driven concepts. Yeah! Burger is just the first of the type of concepts I’m considering. You have to eat but you don’t have to spend $30 on a meal."

I'm sad about burgers and their stranglehold on the city. (Yes, we're talking to you, too, Richard Blais.) But this isn't just an Atlanta phenomenon. Burger mania is everywhere!

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