Omnivore - More restuarant hours woes - Boxing Day blues

My pathetic attempts to eat last night.


Ah, Boxing Day. The day after Christmas. A day everyone should have off, especially when it's freezing and snowy and so warm and toasty inside under the blankies in front of the TV.

But not me. I had to eat. And I recognized that many restaurants would take the day off, even when usually open on Sundays. So I set out to find a restaurant that was open.

The first restaurant I tried had nothing on its website about holiday hours, and listed its hours on Sunday as 5-10 p.m. Even so, I called, and got a generic voicemail, the kind you choose on your phone when you don't want to be bothered recording one yourself. "Hello. No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep." No indication that the number even connected to a business, let alone helpful information such as hours, directions, or whether they might be open.