Omnivore - A Monday lunchtime ramble

From Grindhouse Killer Burgers to Condesa


Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. Besides the usual Christmas stuff, I’ve been dealing with the cold from hell that everyone in town seems to be catching.

On Monday, I did stir from the house. I was hungry, so we headed to Grindhouse Killer Burgers at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. The parking lot was sparsely occupied and the market itself wasn’t its usual frenetic self. But the Grindhouse counter was filled to capacity. I figure it was people getting a burger before their New Year’s resolution to live on miso soup kicks in. (Then again, you can get a veggie or turkey burger at Grindhouse.)

I had my usual Apache burger — two patties topped with roasted Hatch green chilies, pepper jack cheese and grilled onions. On the side: super-crispy, finger-burning, crinkle-cut fries straight out of the fryer. Wayne custom-designed his usual blue-cheese and bacon burger.

By the way, the Midtown location of Grindhouse Killer Burgers, on Piedmont Road, may open in mid-January. Construction has proceeded and the exterior looks almost done.

I’d not had my usual dose of espresso, so we tried to stop by the market's coffee shop, Café Campesino. The owner was closing for the day, so we headed up Boulevard to the new Condesa Coffee where I’ve lately been hanging out. I got my usual doppio macchiato but I was disappointed that there weren’t any pastries, besides pumpkin bread, available.

A ridiculous example of life in the alternate Facebook universe occurred while I was there. I logged onto the social networking site and saw that foodie photographer and blogger Broderick Smylie had posted something general about Condesa’s opening. I replied that I was in fact there that moment. The next thing I knew Broderick was standing beside our table. He’d been at the counter with his back turned, posting about the shop. That’s a great example of the way Facebook replaces literal human interaction at moments (but also precipitates it).

Be sure to check out Broderick’s pictures of Condesa on his Savory Exposure blog.