Omnivore - My favorite meal during the holidays

Miso Izakaya offers a $25 omakase


  • Courtesy of Miso Izakaya

My award for the best meal I had during the holiday season goes to Miso Izakaya (619 Edgewood Ave., 678-701-0128). Chef Guy Wong just gets better and better at his art.

I ordered the five-course omakase , starting with a miso soup afloat with chunks of fresh blue crab, followed by a traditional bun filled with "duck skin confit" with cucumber, scallions, hoisin sauce and star anis.

Next was steamed gindara — delicate black cod — with raw scallions in a pool of ginger-soy sauce. That was followed by slow-braised pork belly (kakuni) over — get ready — cheese grits. Dessert was a scoop of sesame ice cream.

Amazingly, the feast cost only $25. As it happens, Chloe of Chow Down Atlanta ordered the omakase recently too and has a more detailed report with pictures. Check it out.

As good as the omakase was, Wayne's selection of a la carte items was equally good. The standout hearty dish was three lamb chops infused with lemongrass and "Madras curry" seasoning. He also sampled hiyakko — chilled tofu with bonito flakes, ginger and sweet soy sauce.

Next was mini unagi don — barbecued eel over rice with ginger. Shoyu tamago — a soy-marinated, soft-boiled egg atop a crispy rice cake (see photo) — was actually my favorite. I've had this dish before with hard-boiled eggs, but never a creamy soft-boiled one to contrast with a crispy texture.

Finally — for dessert, I guess — Wayne ordered the salt-and-pepper quail, always reliable.

Do yourself a favor and visit Miso Izakaya soon. In a city rife with recession-inspired dining specials, it's hard to beat the value and flavors of Chef Wong's $25 omakase.