Omnivore - 2011 The Year in Review: It's a joke, people!!

Our city's top restaurants aren't closing. We hope.


Last week's cover story, 2011: The Year In Review, has apparently caused a bit of a problem for a few restaurateurs. Specifically, folks have been calling owners from restaurants mentioned in a blurb about high end places closing to pursue less lofty projects, worried that these places are actually closing. Never mind that the blurb sits among other blurbs with titles such as "Zombie apocalypse not as bad as expected" and "T.I. brokers successful Mideast peace talks." Never mind that the story is reviewing a year that hasn't yet happened. People still managed to be confused.

So, let me be perfectly clear: Bacchanalia, Restaurant Eugene and Aria are all staying open as far as we know. We wish them long term health and success. (Although an upscale hotdog chain called Borzoi would be cool, no?)