Omnivore - The go-to, no-fail cheese plate

Matters of the platter

People often ask me what kind of cheese they should include on a cheese plate for dinner parties. Cheese is a simple item and should be enjoyed in a simple manner. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing more enjoyable after a meal at a fine restaurant than an exquisite cheese cart, but you would never find a grandmother in Savoie, France, serving a full cheese cart to her family after supper. What you would find is a selection of perfectly aged cheeses from farms and creameries from around her home.

Like the French grandmother, you shouldn't be intimidated or worried about what type of cheese is served, so long as it's fresh. However, preparing a cheese board with a theme is always nice. The cheeses you serve should have some kind of progression.

Start your plate with the mildest cheeses. Fresh or very young goat cheeses are usually a good place to start. Then move up to stronger and older cheeses. Always finish with the blues. Blue cheese will overpower most other cheeses and take away from their full potential. My favorite go-to, no-fail cheese plate is as follows: