Omnivore - Lick some ice cream, go gay, go meatless

Some random notes

The Hungry Southerner is the latest to feature the talented boys at High Road Craft Ice Cream:

Check out High Road's (delightfully wry) website and their Facebook page as well.

The Big Gay Supper Club convenes next Tuesday, Jan. 25, at Baraonda. For more information and tickets check out their website...

Monday is for meatlessness. At least, that's what Jean-Georges Vongerichten of Spice Market has decided. The restaurant in the Midtown W hotel began offering its Vegetarian Bento Box ($24) this week. Here's the menu:

The Vegetarian Bento Box menu includes white or brown rice, the chef’s soup of the day and the choice of three dishes from the following items:

1. Market green salad, radishes, cherry tomatoes, sesame seed vinaigrette
2. Fragrant mushroom egg rolls, galangal emulsion
3. Vegetables in green curry
4. Spicy Shanghai noodle, chilled silken tofu, garlic and herbs
5. Wok charred eggplant, sweet chili glaze and peanuts
6. Spicy Thai slaw, Asian pear, crispy shallots, mint

The Daily Meal has produced a list of "America's 50 most powerful people in food." It's an interesting list, not limited to the usual celebrity chefs and restaurant owners. (Bill Gates?) Here's how they decided on who should be on the list:

Our ultimate criterion was simply this: Can this person, whether by dint of corporate position, media access, moral authority, or sheer personality, substantially change, improve, and/or degrade the quality and variety of the American diet or the way we think about it?