Omnivore - Your stomach is like a cat, and other news from the interwebs

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In case you live under a rock, Ludacris is an Atlanta native (well, he went to high-school and college here...)and hip-hop/rap/thespian supernova. Ludacris is also apparently made of cheese according to this meme.

Did you know that your stomach has as many nerve endings as a cat's brain? Did you know that your body is in a constant state of hunger? These fun-facts, along with Nestle's newest attempt into satiety-science (keeping you fuller, longer) are covered in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday. Apparently, Nestle has a 1 million dollar artificial stomach to test their foodie science.

In New York, it's a wine smackdown! The New York TImes' Eric Asimov says you can drink rosé whenever you damn well please. The New York Observer says that's wrong! You CAN'T drink rosé now, and the Times is wrong to say so! What do I do now? I'm so confused!

In Tennessee, a poultry farmer is taking on Tyson farms. The farmer opposes the giant's practices and is hoping to go to the Supreme Court, according to 11Alive.com.

Flavor Flav cooks chicken!

Reportedly, Dorito's was almost going to air gay-themed commercials during the Super-Bowl. The ads were fan-made and submitted, but will not be airing because of mixed-reviews.

Over at the ACJ's dining blog, Gene Lee has a cool post about the varieties of Korean rice.