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Bacon is a gateway drug. I mean food. The sweet, salty, smoky, fatty strips of heaven are land-mines for the veggie-devout because its protein and fat rich sexy little self provides our bodies with an instinctual wanna-gotta-have-it feeling, according to NPR.

Breaking news: Super-bowl chili recipes abound with beans and meat. How inspired. But for realsies, Salon.com's roundup does include some interesting a salvia-inducing historical facts.

Eminem will receive $1 million to be rendered from bits of earth in the ancient and dignified art of claymation for a Lipton ad during the Superbowl. Because the world really needs that.

In Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and New York and other states vending machine theft is at a fever pitch. To fight this terrorizing occurrence, operators are going to try something called "Electronic defense."

The FDA has released new eating guidelines. And the verdict is? "Enjoy your food, but eat less.” Revolutionary!

An old law in Greece states that brewers brew nothing but beer. All this guy wants to do is make tea!

Grapefruits are versatile and good for you, but they may kill you if you don't check with your doctor first. (only sort of)