Omnivore - Good food, mediocre show

A visit to Agave


I went to the Capitol Steps’ performance at the Rialto last Friday with two friends. We found the political satire pretty tame and sophomoric, compared to the group’s performances in years past. Maybe that’s just because the Internet has ramped up everyone’s tolerance for snark.

Fortunately, our meal beforehand at Agave was better than the show. Even at 6 p.m., the restaurant was packed. I haven’t eaten dinner that early in years, so I ordered comparatively light — two appetizers, including a bowl of the Hatch green chile stew (probably my favorite here) and a smoked-chicken quesadilla.

My friend Franklin ordered a bowl of the posole (see picture) and braised short ribs. Lee, who also joined us, ordered a salad and trout.

While our meal and service were as good as always, I didn't recognize much new on the menu. The restaurant's phenomenal popularity probably provides little incentive for changing things much.