Omnivore - Hurry and get your nan

Alosta Bakery has the real thing

I received this email from Gary Willis. It's a tip about an interesting Middle East bakery, Alosta:

I have been wanting to write you for a long time about a woman on north Decatur Road that makes the most wonderful nan/flatbread that you have ever tasted...

The woman's name is Nazifa Garib and the bakery is in the process of changing its name from Alosta Bakery to Nazifa's Bakery (3711 North Decatur Road, 678-698-8871). Her bread is handmade by Iraqi refugee women using traditional methods, including shaping the dough by hand and placing each piece of dough to bake in a tandoor oven. The bread has a wonderful aroma and incredible taste. I have traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and this bread is the real thing!!

Please visit the bakery and I am sure that you will agree with me about the quality. Atlanta needs to know about this friendly and helpful person and her bread.

Thanks and I will continue to read your weekly columns, even though I am in Argentina now.

Send us some reports of the dining scene in Argentina these days, Gary!

(Actually, I find that Christiane Lauterbach profled the bakery a few days ago for Atlanta Magazine and is as exuberant as Gary. She does not mention a name change.)