Omnivore - A visit to the corner of Burger and Burger

Checking out hamburgers in Virginia-Highland

Wayne and I headed to Yeah Burger in Virginia-Highland last Saturday and found the place overwhelmed with customers. In fact, one of the employees told us that once we’d ordered, our food wouldn’t arrive for another 45 minutes.

No thanks.

So we walked over to George’s and had great hamburgers there instead. The pub uses Angus ground beef rather than the grass-fed beef that Yeah Burger features. Honestly, although I recognize the advantages of grass-fed beef and like the flavor when cooked correctly, I still prefer the traditional burger.

We returned to Yeah Burger the next day and got served quickly. And the following day I visited Moe’s and Joe’s. Yes, I’m reviewing the burgers at the corner of Virginia and Highland in “Grazing” this week.