Omnivore - Condesa owner 'in no hurry' to sell

Owner Deke Phillips confirmed the shop is for sale but that he's in no rush to unload it

Image I visited Condesa Coffee yesterday at lunchtime. I was curious to learn whether the coffee shop, which still has its opening banner out front, is definitely for sale, as we earlier reported here.

It was difficult to get a straight answer from the two baristas. Both said it was a "misunderstanding." I asked how publishing an ad on a restaurant real estate site could be a misunderstanding and didn't get a straight answer until the owner, Deke Phillips, appeared. He confirmed that the shop is for sale but that he's in no hurry to unload it.

The reason, as reported, is that Phillips has other business interests that require his time. His initial plan was to establish a chain of coffee shops — virtually a necessity to make any money from coffee sales — but he has had to back off from the plan. "I always thought it would be fun to own a coffee shop," he said. "But working 80 hours a week on this keeps me from my other projects."

I hope the place doesn't lose its character if it sells. It's mega-cool, serving Intelligentsia Coffee, and the baristas are way better than average in town. The food menu is also terrific. I'm addicted to the Serrano ham and manchego cheese sandwich. Yesterday, the shop was also offering one with mozzarella done Spanish-style (I have no idea).

I also ordered a big, biscuit-shaped ginger scone made by "Chef Navarro," a wholesale baker in town. I want a dozen.

The shop is doing a good business, it appears. A friend told me it was packed over the weekend and it was quite busy yesterday, too.